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Simon Donald — 'New Characters Tour'

  • TYNE IDOLS PICKUP POINT Bewick Street Newcastle upon Tyne, England, NE1 5EF (map)

7.00pm from Bewick Street, Newcastle — Tickets £15pp

IT TOOK SOME DOING MIND but after years of gentle threats then almost begging, “Please come aboard our throbsome bus to tickle us with tales of growing up, Viz creation, and the stand-up routine with the characters and stuff”, Simon Donald was finally won over to the Tyne Idols cause. "Oh and fetch a guitar wi yeh."

So, we invite you on this very special, one-off tour. Well okay, this will actually be the third he has done, but who's counting.

This 'New Characters' tour is bound to be a laugh riot and so the tickets are expected to go like hot underpants fresh from the tumble dryer, so please call Julie Clay on 0191 253 1618 or email

For general enquiries please email