The very first Tyne Idols Tours

Way back in early July 2010, we set off on what was the first couple of a squillion Tyne Idols bus tours. Still fine-tuning the route and order of things, we ended up adding some places to visit and discarding others due to time/distance constraints, access issues, or just lack of interest.

There is almost an embarrassment of music, film and cultural heritage riches in and around Newcastle City to squeeze into a reasonable 3-hour tour time, and what we had in mind needed some rigorous testing. So, with a beautiful vintage bus all a-bulge with the poor bunnies to be experimented on (including friends, promoters, musicians and various other off-beat characters), we trundled off in search of high merriment.


Photos taken over two different days. Thanks to Christine Goodwin, Sid Smith and Maurice Sutherst for the use of images. There may be one or two others for which we have failed to get permission—please contact us if you are the owner.